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We are proud to offer high quality in-house services to you!

  • Design Services

    Our in-house design services users Adobe Illustrator, the top graphic design software to offer a various range of graphic design services and solutions for all your business and events needs.

    Working closley with you to create deisgns that you will not only love but suit your wants, needs and requirements.

    With years of experience creating top quality designs and our in-house production it makes it a one stop shop to turn your designs into so much more.

  • Laser Cut & Engrave

    What does this mean?

    The Laser Machine can CUT a large variety of material but not limited to acrylic, wood, cardboard, some plastics & rubber.

    It can ENGRAVE on all the above materials plus ceramic, glass & some metals. We can also engrave on round surfaces.

    Cutting bed size is 600mm x 500mm. If your design exceeds these measurements please get in contact as there are always around it.

  • Print & Cut

    There are two incredible state of the art printers in the studio. 
    A UV Printer which means it can print on pretty much anything with a flat surface; acrylic, wood, aliminum, corflute, boxes and so so much more.

    Printing bed is 600mm x 460mm but remember to still get in touch if your design exceeds as there is always a way around it.

    Our wide format print & cut is everything else. Think large aliminum/corflute signs, decals, labels, photos, window/car graphics, magnets, banners, large exterior signs, apparel etc.

    It can also cut absolutely any shape. Honestly it’s endless so be sure to get in touch if you are unsure. I have spent a LOT of time mastering the right materials for the right job.

    This big beauty of a machine prints up to 1300mm wide and no end to the length.

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