Wall Decal Instructions

Surface Prep

Before the magic begins, make sure your surface is clean and ready for its glow-up.

Wipe the surface with a warm damp cloth to eliminate dust, dirt, and fibers (as they may lead to air bubbles). Thoroughly dry the wall with a paper towel and allow the surface to completely dry before application. Avoid the use of chemical cleaners, as they could compromise the adhesive.  Only remove the backing after determining the placement of decals on the wall.

For newly painted walls, wait at least 40 days for outgassing before applying decals. Ensure the use of a high-quality primer. Bubbles or failure may occur if the paint is still outgassing or flashing off. Additionally, confirm that all drywall-painted surfaces or repainted surfaces have been primed with a good-quality primer and painted to avoid potential residue or peeling upon removal.

Do not use the decals on bubbling or peeling paint. Walls must be smooth, as they won't adhere to textured surfaces such as rough concrete, rendered, or brick walls. 

Applying the decal

Applying these decals is a breeze. You can use blu-tac to get the perfect position of your sign first.

For our larger wall decals start at the top of your print and pull down approximately 5 - 8cm of the backing sheet and lightly press and smooth down. Then continue to slowly pull the backing sheet downward smoothing as you go. 

If there are any bubbles or wrinkles, you can lightly press or smooth them out, or just peel back that area and re-apply. Decals can be overlapped so you can create the layout of your choice.

Hold onto that backing paper! It's not rubbish. You can peel your decal off, stick it back on the paper, and voila - transport-ready for your next house or room.